Like a Taylor Swift song, no matter what evasive tactics I’ve employed, such as humming new melodies or attempting to jam-pack my mind with other things, you know, work stuff, writing, surfing social media feeds, pondering how Meisha Tate lost her UFC belt so quickly, any distraction, nothing seemed to shake the proverbial motorcycle love song in my head. The moto bug, as I’ve coined it, has me, and it’s infected my soul.
While racking my brain for a solution and browsing through bikes on Craigslist, a new idea, like a beacon of shining (head)light, dawned on me. What better way to get this out of my system than to force myself to go to a classroom with boring textbooks and long lectures and tough tests. Nobody wants that kind of punishment, especially not me. I’ll simply enroll in a motorcycle training course, hate it, and end this internal battle. Affliction cured.
After a little research, I landed on the Northern California Motorcycle Training course held in San Mateo. The course and instructors received good reviews on yelp, which made it feel relatively harmless. Besides, what did I have to worry about? I’d probably drop out after the first hour or so, right? Maybe I’d make it through the lecture, but as soon as I’d have to put on a helmet or coordinate my feet on pedals with my hands on levers while balancing on two wheels, well, that’ll be the end of it. I’ll fail, get discouraged, and walk off the asphalt, a bona fide motorcycle school dropout.
So there, it’s done. I’m registered. If the course does its job, I should drop out and rediscover my disdain for motorcycles. I’ll have succeeded in putting this incorrigible idea to bed, buried deep in a dark coffin under many layers of dirt, asphalt and concrete. Before long, I’ll be saying to myself and others, remember that time I thought I wanted to ride a motorcycle and then dropped out of motorcycle training? Ha, what was I thinking? I or others will laugh at the absurdity of it all. Oh, what a goofball, a motorcycle of all things. And the whole idiotic insinuation will become a distant memory. It’s a perfect plan.

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